911: The Ultimate Truth
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911: The Ultimate Truth

9/11: The Ultimate Truth

Wow, I read the first version and was totally engrossed but know with the revised and updated information in the 2nd edition I couldn't put it down! The first half of the book deals directly with the data and facts of the events of that day. The second half deals with the type of people who are capable of perpetrating this tragedy on humanity. Not sure which is worse, the event itself or the people behind it?
John Raposo, redpillpress.com

Bold and daring, author LJK investigates 9-11, its origins and consequences for all of humanity. If you have any interest in the subject this book is a must read because it includes hypothesis and conjecture - Backed by Raw Data - you won't get anywhere else. It also contains a plethora of unexpected twists and turns, once you read this book there's no going back! Author LJK shows you just how deep the rabbit hole goes!
Brent Kopenhaver, redpillpress.com

The Ultimate Truth doesn't hold anything back and gives a reader the necessary frame of reference to understand 9/11, the history that led up to it, and why conspiracy on a large scale is a reality when psychopaths are in postions of power. The section on psychopathy is invaluable and I know I will go back to it repeatedly as a reference in understanding how it affects humanity.
Michael Longazel, redpillpress.com

There are many books about 9-11, detailing various alternative,emotional and often controversial opinions and commentaries about oneor other aspect of what happened on 9-11 and why. THIS is not one ofthose books.

This book is a critical and painstaking analysis of ALL the disparateelements that culminated in the 9-11 event. No stone is left unturnedto evaluate the bigger picture; to reject any hypotheses disproven byevidence; to penetrate the multiple layers of deceit and subterfuge;and to explain why it is inevitable that there is such confusionsurrounding this event.

This is not merely an account of the 'facts on the ground'. It is amuch broader study of the surrounding scenario - the political,social, cutural, psychological and even biological environment inwhich these events took place.All the above adds up to the most comprehensive analysis possible -and by this means it is possible to work towards some earth-shatteringconclusions, which are controversial, painful to consider, and whichinescapably portray the modern world in a new and uncomfortable light."

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it", and thetorrent of events following 9-11 have been history unfolding rightbefore our eyes. This book is an excellent companion to 'PoliticalPonerology - A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for PoliticalPurposes' by Andrew Lobaczewski. In this capacity, it serves as astarkly real 'case study' of ponerology in action today. These twobooks in combination contain lessons that are fundamental for thefuture survival of humanity as we know it.
Vin, redpillpress.co.uk

Probably the most thoroughly researched book on 911. If you are looking for the truth this is the book to buy. Laura Knight-Jadczyk misses nothing.
J. Siglin, amazon.com